Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We've been talking a lot about candles. We all love them, but, boy do we hate wax on our table clothes. We get the dripless candles, but if it's crocked in the holder, or there's a draft---we're bound to get a mess. You may know this already, but here's how to get wax out of a table cloth.

With a regular table knife or butter knife, scrape the wax off as best you can. Get a paper shopping bag and cut pieces for both the top and the bottom of the cloth. Iron the spot(covered on each side with the paper) with a fairly hot iron, moving the pieces of paper each time to soak up the wax. Keep going until no more wax shows on the paper. Use your trusty stain remover on the oil stain that is left. We use K2 dry cleaning powder, but any grease remover will do. Launder as usual. Don't put your table cloth in the dryer if the wax stain still shows. Hang it dry and use the grease remover on it again and relaunder. Good luck and light 'em up!

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