Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Diane Graves at Artwalk May 13th 6-9pm

Diane Graves has been decorating people and homes in Seattle for almost 30 years. (She must have started as a child!) I have several pieces of jewelry from the Orbit days, a retail store located first on Queen Ann and then in Fremont. I cherish these baubles as each is a little poem or message that I carry with me. Then she and friend and artist David Farnsworth collaborated on copper ornaments which adorn lamps, windows, and Christmas trees with whimsical messages of love and hope. Presently Diane puts her beauty and wisdom to work on beautiful light columns...art lit from within. The lights are lovely and warm, and can add a golden glow to a corner of a room...perfect for an area of peace and meditation. Come meet Didi on Thursday and absorb the love in the room. CAPERS hosts her art the whole month of May, and the artist on Thursday night from 6-9pm. Pleasant weather is expected, and the Art Walk makes for a great date night or girlfriend get-together.

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