Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Adding Soul to the Mix

Carved Altar Table from Shanghai {ideal for a small space}

Vintage Cabinet from Manchuria {new finish, perfect hall chest}

Vintage Tea Stool  {side table, pair for a coffee table, extra seating}

Vintage Plant Stand {Perfect Side Table}
I had the pleasure of meeting with my friend Eugene this weekend and choosing a number of vintage furniture pieces he had collected on his last trip home to China.  I always love the stories behind the pieces.  I quiz him non-stop about the item and what it was used for.  A piece I thought was a console turned out to be an artist's table and another a butcher's table {who knew}.  I'm always fascinated by the original use for the pieces and how they can be repurposed for our homes.  Put on your thinking caps, this is what makes a home your own.

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