Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be the Perfect Guest

Just a reminder of your responsibility when invited to events:
1.  R.S.V.P. to the party invitation quickly so the host(ess) can plan accordingly
2.  Arrive at the party slightly after the apponted time (10 minutes after not 10 minutes before)
3.  Dress in appropriate attire.  If this is a formal party it is disrespectful to show up in jeans.
4.  Bring a host(ess) gift that is thoughtful and does not require the host(ess) to do anything with it once you present it.  Note:  flowers require work once you arrive.
5.  Make a point of moving from guest to guest at the party.  Part of your job as a guest is to help mix up the conversation and to keep the party going.  This is a participatory sport.
6.  If the party is casual be attentive about assisting the host(ess) in introducing guests to each other, serving cocktails, passing hors d' oeuvres or cleaning up.
7.  Plan to leave the party before the designated end time.  If the invitation says 7-10 you should plan to leave before 10.
8.  Send a handwritten Thank You note via mail thanking the host(ess) for the invitation and lovely party.

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