Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 1 plus 28 {years}

June 18th is always a day of review and reflection and remembering.  Remembering that youthful
 "I can do anything" spirit I brought to a small coffee shop and gourmet take-out replete with 
crazy kitchen tools all those years ago.  Remembering the anticipation of taking off on a 
new adventure.  Remembering the excitement.  Remembering the possibilities........at that time
 it was "we'll have 50  stores up and down the coast and then retire." 
 (this was when Starbucks had less than 5 locations).

After 28 years, and many twists and turns, here we are.....................a lovely home shop, 
an anchor in our neighborhood, and a contributing member of our community.  
We began with the mission:  sell products that are interesting, get to know our clients, and
 become a contributing member of the community.  Even though the format has changed the 
mission is as relevant today as then........different container, same mission.  

We invite you to join us in celebration......

Tuesday, June 18 
4-6 p.m.

cake & champagne & some fun specials will be served up.
We're raising a glass to another year and most importantly to the many customers 
that have traded with us over the years.  
You're the reason we're here and we're truly grateful........
Lisa and the CAPERS staff