Sunday, January 5, 2014

New Year, New Home, New You!

Now that the holidays are over and the dust has settled, it is time to focus on the year ahead! Whether your New Year's resolutions included organizing your house, supporting local shops, or eating healthier, CAPERS is here to help! Our resolution for 2014 is to continue to provide tips and tricks on all things decorating, giving, and entertaining.

To kick off the New Year, here are some easy ways to add structure and organization to your home. After all, it is best to start the new year off with a tidy home!  At CAPERS, we have some great storage options that are both practical and fun.

These bins made from recycled straws are the perfect
catch-all for toys, shoes, or clothes!
Small wicker boxes are great for keeping unsightly
gadgets out of sight. 

Trays are a more organized way to display vases,
candles, or coffee table books.
These colorful bags come in varying sizes and they
are perfect to use as a hamper or even as a tote!

Don't forget your planner! Stay on top of all your appointments
and plans with a colorful and simple 2014 appointment book. 


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